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Performance 20 minutes and sound installation

Same Place, group exhibition with artists Chloè Malaise and Gwendal Briec as part of the  Creative Europe Platform MegiC Carpets 2022

Galerie de l'Ecole des Beaus Arts de Nantes Saint-Naizaire, Nantes (FR)

The sound of the voice has been the pivot around which this work took shape.

Since the very begining of the residency in Nantes I was interestig in directing my work to a specific sense of urgency and instinct to emerge, peculiar to everything that is under construction.


In this sense, the voice has become a means of juxtaposing the subtle sense of indetremination and vulnerability proper to the creation of oneself as an individual and motive force of creativity in general, with the idea of building sites and massive construction aimed to a planned change, which is now defining the island of Nantes.


The signal alarm of construction sites becomes a deep sound that demands attention. Often the most intense urgency is not excessively loud. It just needs more care to make itself heard.


What attracted me in the human voice is its almost inevitable capacity to reveal, to expose, and to reveal the person, despite our even involuntary impulse to control.

Particularly, I considered significant the revelatory potential of the voice with the period of human life constituted by adolescence or post adolescence.

Through an intensive vocal experimentation course that involved 8 students of the Fine Art University of Nantes, carried out in collaboration with the vocal expert Antoine Grammatico, we tried to uncover and let emerging, by transforming it into sound, the feeling of urgency of each.

Emerging Flyerno number.jpg
alarm black.jpg

The performance, together with the installation of the same name, has been the result of a 5-days intensive vocal experimentation carried out with the students of Fine Art Academy of Nantes (FR), in collaboration with the vocal expert Antoine Grammatico.

Here is the documentary of what has been.


Documentary "Same place" by Clara Boudry 

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