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beds.interview is a place where the human individualities transpire in movement

La superficie dell’acqua non ha buchi

/water surface has no holes/

“Life is an implicit (not explicit) phenomenon.
Thinking is an implicit phenomenon; no matter how deeply we investigate at every level on the nerve cells
that...let’s us to think. It remains to this day very difficult to identify the transition occurring from

the biophysical, biochemical, and biomagnetic properties of the phenomenon of thinking to the THOUGHT.
Certainly, there is a relationship between them, but the implicit reality, that is the thinking, escapes.”

(Cristian Moisuc, The Light of the Invisible. Science and knowledge. Theological and philosophical perspectives)

La superficie dell’acqua non ha buchi (Water surface has no holes) is the title with which we named the
initiative born from the collaboration between Beds project with Angeliki Avgitidou, and her students of the
Performance studio of the Department of Fine Arts, School of Art, University of Western Macedonia, Florina,
The intent is to create direct contact between the 5 artists invited in Beds.athens and the art students, through
a series of encounters preceding the performance event. These encounters offer an opportunity of exchange
with Greece before the physical arrival of the artist, in the form of creative interviews.
The idea is not to have a defined and structured notion of an interview made of questions and answers but,
starting from the modality each artist considers more appropriate in expressing her/his thoughts, trying to
establish an inspiring and participatory dialog.

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