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Struttura esistenziale di presenza, 2020-23 157x61cm, china su carta da lucido_small.jpg

Struttura esistenziale di presenza

Existential structure of presence, 2020-23

157x61cm, Indian ink on tracing paper

Ogni volta al singolare del suo plurale essenziale, 2020-21, china su carta da lucido_smal

Ogni volta al singolare del loro plurale essenziale

(Each time in the singular of their essential plural), 2020-21

99,5x 70 cm, Indian ink on tracing paper

The situated position, 2019

The situated position, 2019

72 x 18 cm,  ink on tracing paper

Uja, 2019

18 x 18 cm,  ink on tracing paper

the morning1.jpg

The morning, the morning, the morning, 2019

224 x 160 cm,  ink on tracing paper

La cultura.n1.jpg

La cultura n.1


52 x 30 cm,  ink on tracing paper




50 x 70 cm,  ink on plastic bag

Photos from the performance Zucchero, Come Alone Space, Athens (GR)

Photo by Bryony_Dunne©2018

Η κατσίκα


150 x 270 cm

How should war be prevented, 2017, 210x150, inchiostro su carta da lucido_small.jpg

How should war be prevented?


210 x 150 cm,  ink on tracing paper


Untitled 2016

107 x 71 cm, indian ink on tracing paper

Bad thoughts, 2016

37 x 37 cm, ink on tracing paper

Good thoughts, 2016

37 x 37 cm, ink on tracing paper

Lucia Bricco-Geografia di un vuoto2016

Geografia di un vuoto, 2016

21 x 15.5 cm, indian ink on plastic bag

Performance is raw, 2016

20 x 29 cm, indian ink and gold pen on tracing paper

Shh, 2016

Shh, 2016

27,5 x 18,5 cm, ink on tracing paper

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