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BEDS event finds a home in Turku for its third edition, this time bringing together the individual and collective work of six international artists Iulia Ghita, Antti Turkko, Jade Kallio, Melissa Jolma, Antti-Juhani Manninen, and Lucia Bricco, in conjunction with different artists and art workers worldwide.

Beds is a multifaceted and inclusive working idea that functions like a living organism or like a rubber band, moving and creating motifs for artistic interaction in the cities it lands in, imagining and adopting an open and non-hierarchical organisational model, with art at its center.

In Turku Beds will move between different places, in a shifting event in search of a form, reflecting on the loss of a defined position. Placing action in the space in between - being between - being forgotten - being indeterminate - being provisional.

In preparing for the event, the artists discussed, noted and reflected on the bed as an object and metaphor. In this way the bed appeared as an idea of lesser space, as a space of alienation; notes also come out on building a bed that is too generic, on building a space that is too common, on the attempt to make a not-suspicious bed. Of a bed of almost-remembrances. The vision of a bed so strange, unfamiliar and unrecognizable, that everything and everyone around may seem afterward to be family. Notes on imitating the authentic and on the horror we have of non-authenticity. On the anamnestic vocation of going to bed.

The bed is the place of augmented reality, without technology. The bed as a ready-made concept and as a purely horizontal object.

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