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The Exhibition in a little swimming pool


July 15, 2018- Athens 

The exhibition took place in a little round pool of two meters in diameter placed on a terrace under the Athenian sky.

Using the afternoon light, crossing the sunset and coming up at night, one artist at a time placed his work inside the pool until videos works projected as a circle on the water surface closed the exhibition in a enchanting time.


The catalog shows each artist’s artwork in the order that artists decided to follow the day of the exhibition. In the final part of the book you’ll find the texts by Essi Vesala, Ilaria Genovesio and Vasiliki Lekou and their translation in greek by Elena Stavraki.

The exhibition was curated by Lucia Bricco while the technical support was curated by Anna Lauenstein and Max Hilsamer.

Artist: Vasilis Zarifopoulos, Lucia Bricco, Matteo Rovesciato, Riccardo Muroni, Iulia Ghita, Macklin Kowal, Eva Goloni, Mario Scudeletti, Phaidonas Gialis, Stef Kamaris, Federica Peyrolo, Max Hilsamer, Jari Kallio, Anna Lauenstein 

Text and critic: Essi Vesala, Ilaria Genovesio and Vasiliki Lekou

Translation in greek: Elena Stavraki.

Technical support: Anna Lauenstein & Max Hilsamer

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Photo by Max Hilsamer

Photo by Max Hilsamer

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