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Performance 3 days, Sète (Montpellier) - FR

Lucia Bricco and Federica Peyrolo

The artists will live for three days by "surfing" in the streets of a city (Sète) thinking it vast and deep as the sea.
Same as going in search of a white whale (ref Moby Dick, H. Melville), like looking for something bigger than us; It is something we can not kill or totally defeat, something we do not want to have but just see. This impetus that drives us to surf the city is also our choice of life, an intimate that we want to manifest outside by becoming ourselves images of our way of looking.
We become prey and hunters of our research.
It will be a kind of whaling with a fixed departure and an uncertain arrival; we will travel the city / sea according to intuitions, indices and contrary or favorable currents.
The search for the whale brings us to the depths. It requires us to pay particular attention to details, to all that can be a carrier of a universe. Like a whale with its greatness can carry with you other stories.

We want to see this magnitude. We desire It to the point of giving it life as a work, as a look and to carry it on us like an image.

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