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Performance, 2023
mostra di Lucia Bricco a cura di Francesca Lilli
La Nube di Oort,

There is no longer a single visible entity, but a multifaceted entity between whose parts there is space for action.

A non-organic unity,
not hierarchical, but ironic, fragile and provisional, which has
the centre everywhere and nowhere.¹

The voices used in the performance were recorded in the studios of the Cultural Centre
Trempo Cultural Centre in Nantes (France), as part of the 'Emersion' project, developed
by the artist as part of the European artistic residency program MagiC Carpets
2022. The vocal experimentations involved a group of students from the Ecole
des Beaus Arts de Nantes Saint-Naizaire composed of Xiquan Yuan, Carmen Resano
Jing Yang, Emma Thierry, Zoe Journet, Adele Candau, Adelie Sanchez, Jie Zhou, and
vocal expert Antoine Grammatico.



1. Introduction by Ludovica Koch to J.W.Goethe's Western-Eastern Divan, 1819

Ph by Luigi Ceccon

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