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Domestic group exhibition


May 21 - June 16, 2015

The initiative includes a series of openings dedicated to the artistic work of 13 artists whose paths have intertwined in Rome.

The project is aimed at young artists moved by the desire to test their communication skills, called to relate to a domestic space.

The venue that will host the exhibition will therefore be the daily environment of the house.

Movement, coexistence, resthospitality, adaptation and protection.

The prerogative for the artists is to spend the night that will precede the exhibition inside the house.

Within a month the house has been modified four times through the work of four groups of artists.

Curated by Laura Angelucci and Lucia Bricco

May 21 and 23 2015

Laura Angelucci

Dario Agati

Giulio Bensasson

Lucia Bricco

May 29-30 2015

Giulia Costanza Lanza

Sofia Ricciardi

Andrea Rinaldi & Andrea Kofinas

June 5-6 2015

Giulia Cabassi

Iulia Ghita

Lorenzo Modica

June 12-13 2015

Ola Czuba

Meletios Meletiou

Federica Peyrolo

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