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Performance 30 minutes 

Studio ALTA, Prague (CZ) by Assaf Hindenx.jpg

The performance The unsituated position considers space as vehicle of subtle realities, like surprises.

Being alive led me to think that all entities, objects, persons or situations, reach the apex of self-manifestation at the moment when they express the capacity to change in number.
If I think of my body, for example, and imagine it divided into two parts or next to a multitude of myself, the quantity of everything it contains is infinitely more exposed.
In this condition, I find myself, as a person, unified with what I have around me. A paradox whereby, to know oneself as one, one must consider oneself as a multitude. Practice moves me like an elastic band, oscillating between what I recognize, but I am not, and what I do not know, but which concerns me.
Imagining that I am opening up a situation or a person, I focus my attention on the complexity that manifests itself in its folding, subdivision, repetition, or disappearance.




The voices used in the performance were recorded in the studios of Trempo Cultural Centre in Nantes (France) as part of the project ‘Emersion’, developed by the artist within the European artistic residency program MagiC Carpets 2022. The vocal experimentations involved a group of students from the Ecole des Beaus Arts de Nantes Saint-Naizaire composed of Xiquan Yuan, Carmen Resano, Jing Yang, Emma Thierry, Zoe Journet, Adele Candau, Adelie Sanchez, Jie Zhou, and vocal expert Antoine Grammatico.


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