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In this page you can find art events born spontaneously by spending time together among artists.



"Tripping" - Performance Art Event

10 June 2023 - Turku (FIN)
ARTISTS: Melissa Jolma (FIN), Jade Kallio (FIN), Iulia Ghita (RO/I), Antti Turkko, Antti-Juhani Manninen (FIN), Lucia Bricco (IT)
SUPPORTED BY Titanik Gallery,  Tehdas Teatteri BARKER-teatteri, Turun vapaan taiteen näyttämö,  Rumänska kulturinstitutet Ambasada României în Republica Finlanda, IIC Helsinki, Aura of Puppets

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"Introduction to Beds" - Performance Art Event

November 20 - November 30, 2022 - Rome (IT)
ARTISTS: Melissa Jolma (FIN), Jade Kallio (FIN), Iulia Ghita (RO/I), Antti Turkko, Antti-Juhani Manninen (FIN), Lucia Bricco (IT)

SUPPORTED BY Theatreinfofinland, Tehdas Teatteri and Fine Art Academy of Rome

La Nube di Oort Galley, Rome (IT)



Performance Art Event

September 27 - October 5, 2021 - Athens (GR)
ARTISTS: LukasKolm (LT), Antti-Juhani Manninen (FIN), Ximan Wang (CHN), Zoe Antypa (GR) and Sandra Johnston (UK), Macklin Kowal (US)

                 With the participation of Antonín Brinda (CZ) and Klaudie Osičková (CZ)

PATRONIZED BY the City of Athens
PARTERSHIPS AND COLLABORATIONS: Performance Studio of the Department of Fine Arts, School of Art, University of Western Macedonia (GR), Club Unesco Romania, the Fine Art Academy of Rome (IT), Und. Athens (Athenian alternative art guide); Athenian art spaces Come alone, Potential Project, Noucmas, PS:; solidarity organizations: ECHO Refugee Library (mobile library for asylum-seekers waiting indefinitely in Greece), and PiliPala (art association active in refugee camps)
SUPPORTED BY TelepART, Finnish Institute, Τσεχικό Κέντρο Αθήνα / Czech Centre Athens;

ORGANIZED BY Iulia Ghita and Lucia Bricco 


The Exhibition in a little swimming pool

July 15, 2018 - Athens (GR)
Artist: Vasilis Zarifopoulos, Lucia Bricco, Matteo Rovesciato, Riccardo Muroni, Iulia Ghita, Macklin Kowal, Eva Goloni, Mario Scudeletti, Phaidonas Gialis, Stef Kamaris, Federica Peyrolo, Max Hilsamer, Jari Kallio, Anna Lauenstein 
Text and critic: Essi Vesala, Ilaria Genovesio and Vasiliki Lekou
Translation in Greek: Elena Stavraki.
Technical support: Anna Lauenstein & Max Hilsamer

Web catalogue HERE

Turin Table
Performance Art Week

February 19-24, 2018 - Turin


Artist: Lucia Bricco, Florence Lam, Andriy Helytovych, Ola Kozioł, Nika López, Federica Peyrolo, Thomas Reul, Matteo Rovesciato, Elena Tortia

Text and critic: Francesca Lilli 

Collaborations: Valentina Porcellana, Tiziana Andina, Davide Dal Sasso, Vera Tripoli

                             University of Turin


Domestic group exhibition


May 21 - June 16, 2015 - Rome

4 openings by 4 groups of artists in Rome during a month of metamorphosis and cohabitation.

Artist: Dario Agati, Laura Angelucci, Lucia Bricco, Giulio Bensasson, Giulia Costanza Lanza, Sofia Ricciardi, Andrea Rinaldi, Andrea Kofinas, Giulia Cabassi, Iulia Ghita, Lorenzo Modica, Ola Czuba, Meletios Meletiou,  Federica Peyrolo

Collaborations: Chiara Caramazza, Francesca Lilli

Web link:

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